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Organic Popcorn made in France.


Yum Kah a brand by natais

a mayan gift

from the indian origins...

The oldest ears of popcorn were discovered in a bat cave of New Mexico. There are about 4.000 years old.

Maize was so important for pre-colombian tribes that Mayas used to praise the maize God named YUM KAAX

...To a worldwide fame

After its discovery, popcorn became very popular in the 1800s led to the widespread planting of maize. In 1885, Charles Cretors invents the first popcorn machine in Chicago and popcorn appears in Theatres and Cinemas.

The first popcorn cultivated in Europe

In the 90's, Nataïs, a company specialized in popcorn, started cultivating in the SOUTH WEST OF FRANCE. This area combines the perfect conditions: a temperate climate and plenty of sunshine.

A few years later, Nataïs takes up a new challenge, to cultivate organic popcorn with a group of organic farmers.

By their efforts, South West of France is today the MOST IMPORTANT POPCORN CULTIVATING AREA IN EUROPE.

organic popcorn origins


Chichen Itza site, Mexican state of Yucatàn

all natural ingredients

natural ingredients corn
natural ingredients oil
natural ingredients sugar
natural ingredients salt

Our Products

Our range of products comes in 2 packaging options and 2 flavours

  • Salted Flavour

    3 x 90g pack microwave popcorn
  • Sweet Flavour

    3 x 90g pack microwave popcorn
  • Display

    Salted microwave popcorn
  • Display

    Sweet microwave popcorn
  • organic popcorn natural


    500g bag popping corn

Best Quality

Technical specific for organic popcorn

organic technical
YUM KAH is the pure of NATAIS’ commitment and success towards innovation and high quality standards.

The brand does not use any additives nor preservatives and our inner bags are free of added fluorinated compounds. YUM KAH is easy to stock at home and in less than 3 minutes in the microwave you can enjoy mouth gathering organic popcorn. Let yourself be driven by the natural wave of fresh popped YUM KAH!

Made in France

Made in France

Gluten Free

Gluten free

GMO Free

GMO Free

IFS Standards

Standards IFS

BRC Certifications

BRC Certifications




Certificate Kosher

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